The weekendbackpacker stays home

After all the excitement of being able to climb Mt. Arayat this weekend, I get to stay put in this polluted concrete jungle.  A last-minute commitment, which could have been avoided if I had just made the right inquiries, kept me at home.  I could still have gone and made a day hike, but the IT which starts the trek at about 11 am would leave too little time to actually enjoy the climb.  My friend Milo Movie Maker says I could push through with a dayhike but it would be too exhausting.  “Impossible!” says Heyjay of AMCI.  So after deliberating the whole time last night, I decided to stay put.  Actually, I let Fate decide.  My light pack was ready and my outfit prepared.  I even set my phone to ring me at 5 am.  I figured, if I wake-up all rarin and eager to go, then I go.  Not that I’d really try to go on a day hike but maybe just stay put at the National Park.  Or at least get last-minute hope that the guides would say all my info is wrong and that I can make it down to the base before nightfall. 

So I wake-up aty 5 am all sleepy and suddenly not so eager at all.  So I go back to sleep.  I wake-up at around 8 and to console myself, I go to the Salcedo market and buy a pack of freshly-made piaya which I munch while walking to Assad in Jupiter.  I buy packs of vege-meat (hooray!) and samosas (more hooray!).  I return home and eat about half-a-dozen samosas while feeling shitty for having missed the climb.  Arayat promises an exciting climb with rugged steep trails and some rock and boulder scrambling.  Of course, the 360-degree view of the plains of Pampanga is spectacular.  Instead, what I get is the concrete and steel view of Makati while trekking the walkway.  Well, at least I have dinner at my favorite favorite Italliani’s at Greenbelt with my all-time superbly favorite Pork Chops Au Poivre and loads and loads of bread and tubs of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Yes, for missing Arayat and celebrating Pride 1026 meters above sea level, I broke my meatless vow and became a carnivore, at least for dinner.

With no scheduled climbs in the near near future, I feel so urban.

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