Got my BMC Certificate courtesy of a seminar conducted by the Sabit Mountaineers.  I’ve been climbing for almost two years now but never took an actual course.  It was really a breeze since everyone, except Susan, has been climbing quite regularly already.  But there were still much to learn, especially compass and map reading.  Ropemanship is another course, but at least I learned how to do the eight-knot and the fisherman’s knot.  The best thing about it is for 250 bucks, lunch included, the course was really cheap 🙂 The Sabit guys and gals are really friendly and cool and ever since my Pinatubo and Manabu climb with them, I always look forward to joining them outdoors again.

 Things that I remebered that are really really important (at least to me):

1.  Whiste signals: 1 long = rest/resume trekk

                                 2 short = double time trek

                                 3 short = emergency

2.  High-tech gadgets emit sound signals unheard by the human ear but heard by the animals causing them to flee.

3.  Even cooking oil cannot be simply disposed of on the ground.  Like solid waste, it has to be brought down for proper disposal.

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