On the beaten path

I’ve largely stayed on the beaten path the past weeks.  My last climb was the Sabit Anniversary at Mt. Manabu and since then, I’ve not strayed a bit from the concrete masses of the city.  I didn’t evem hie-off to nearby Pansol for the Guys4Mountains General Assembly.  I also missed the training climb at Mt. Batulao because of a sudden change of plans (I had to judge an aerobics marathon).  My group mates also backed-out at the last minute and so did others from the 2nd group inspite of having bought the provisions already.  Oh well.  There isn’t a scheduled climb yet except for a tree-planting activity at the slopes of Mt. Makiling. 

In the meantime, I’m staying at the beaten path but this time at Bangkok.  I’ve never been to the City of Angels and if it wasn’t because of The Librarian’s grandious plans for a 3-country tour (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam) and the piso-fare promo of Cebu Pacific, I wouldn’t have planned the trip.  Turns out, The Librarian is skipping our October trip so I guess I’ll have to go through it alone.  But since I bought another ticket with Foodie Goodie and Hubby for an August trip, I’m also well, going this August.  Eveyrthing’s been planned, largely thanks to Lonely Planet guidebook and a whole slew of internet sources and internet friends.

Perhaps I can get some time on my own to get off the beaten path and take train or bus ride to the outskirts.  Chiang-mai sounds really inviting with its trekks and hill tribes.  I do have an internet friend who is offering his place but the province is really far from Bangkok.  That will have to be for October.

So on Aug 12-19, I’ll be part of the tourism industry that keeps Bangkok up and alive. 

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