I need my greenery

It’s October already and my planned Banawe-Batad trip is still on the Lonely Planet stage–that is, still reading and planning, reading and planning.  I actually have everything worked-out already.  I leave on a Victory Liner bound for Banawe on the evening of Oct 31 and arrive in Banawe early morning of Nov 1. A day and a night to take-in the sights then off to Batad the following morning for a day trip. Saturday will be Bontoc day for a final mountain look-see before heading back home on Sunday noon.  I’ve got my list of possible guesthouses to stay-in already plus transportation directions. 

So what’s missing?  A travelling companion.  I really planned the trip on my own as I’m desperate to leave town for some fresh air and fresh greenery.  I’ve been stuck in this grey and smoggy city for about 3 months already.  I crave for the feel of soil beneath my feet and the sight of lush forests and mountains. Not only that, I need this trip to make-up for my  October 2-week Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam trip (with tickets I bought months ago) and November Mt. Apo climb which I both have to give-up for work reasons.  A couple of weekends more in this concrete world and I’m gonna go crazy.

I’ve asked other people around but no one seems to be too keen to go.  Other climbing friends have mountains to climb—Ugo or Isarog.  I did get an invite on both mountains but I climbed Ugo this year already while I don’t know anyone in the group that’s scaling Isarog.  Oh well.  I guess I’ll have to go through it alone.

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