What Mountaineering Is Not

 I got this text from another blog that discusses social issues.  This is great food for thought for everyone who takes the now oft beaten path to the summits of the earth.

It used to be that mountaineering is about getting into the heart of mother nature. The peak resembling the navel of the mother and reaching it on ones raw strength coupled with perseverance is enough price to pay, to be an accomplished mountaineer.

Mountaineering is plainly a communion with nature.
It is not about gadgets and gizmos, nor electronic devices. Although it may be useful at times.
It is not lavish food as reward for ones success on a trek. But a goodnight sleep is the kings gift.
It is not plush sleeping bags of comfort. An ordinary dry earth pad is heaven enough after an ardous climb.
It is not expensive tough tents that holds against the worst weather but its how you properly and strategically pitch an ordinary one against all oddities of the weather.
It is not bringing the flashy gears up the mountain and soiling them but its tattering the ordinary materials against the forces of nature, hoping ones determination is stronger than strands of nylon backpacks.
It is not bringing fire on fuel cannisters but it is making fire with what nature has.
It is not climbing for ones protection but for mother nature’s.

Mountaineering is a challenge of the will against the harshest of nature and the reward is making a return and not the challenge of how strong trek shoes holds against the earth.

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2 thoughts on “What Mountaineering Is Not

  1. pinoylovenotes

    What a very profound statement from a mountaineer, I guess that person who posted this would have been climbing ever since North Face hit the Philippine market. Can you tell me dude his blogsite? I guess you forgot to note it when you did acknowledged its social relevance. Maybe I could chat or communicate with him/her somehow.

  2. Brash

    The dude is not pinoy. I’ve forgotten the blogsite already. All I remember is he’s not from the Philippines.

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