The Outrider

After thinking about it, visiting the The North Face website countless of times, checking online reviews and blogs, I finally succumbed to temptation and bought a new pack—the Outrider 60. Not that there was anything wrong with my Deuter Aircontact 35. I absolutely love my Deuter with its sleek yellow and black design and features (lots of pockets); but I’ve been looking for a bigger pack that would accommodate the stuff I want to bring as I’m always self-sustained (mostly food). I figured, I’d try TNF this time. Millet and Lafuma, the only other imported brands available didn’t quite come-up to my list as the available packs weren’t really thrilling except for a Millet pack at ROX that costs more than 20 grand. It was a toss-up between the Crestone and the Outrider, but I chose the latter because of its suspension system and the detachable hydration pack. I was originally looking for a pack that came with an assault pack but couldn’t find any. So I settled for this one. What I didn’t know was finding the Outrider 60 or even an adventure pack was like finding the best possible route in an exploratory climb. Large packs were out-of-stock in most stores as there was supposed to be a delivery sometime this month. Warning: according to shop personnel, TNF will raise ALL prices by March 15. Finally, I got hold of my Outrider at the TNF outlet in Rockwell, thanks to the friendly staff at ROX who tipped me about it.

So there it is. My new pack about to make its debut at the 3 peaks climb this Lent. It’s going to be an easy climb for this newbie as it’s gonna stay at base camp as all climbs will be day packs.

Now for the tent….

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