Postscript to my Travels

I’m finally back home after missing my Sunday early morning flight. I think I really overstayed Bangkok this time.  I absolutely had NOTHING TO DO!  The extra day at Bangkok spent at the outdoor fountain area of  Siam Paragon staring into space and munching on the fried bananas I bought from the food center.  Lunch was  at my favorite hawker stalls outside Big C. I had a really good spicy salad made with what I guess was sea weed and mixed with a whole lot of other stuff like peanuts and sausages.  I was thinking of another run the Chao Phraya  but I didn’t really feel like mixing with a whole lot of people so I spent the rest of the afternoon at Coffee Society instead.

I had early dinner at Noodie at Silom Soi 2. I always pass this place and it seems to have good food judging from the crowd.   I had one of the chef’s specials– spaghetti noodles topped with an omelet and brown sauce. Strange combination but quite good.

The plane ride home was pleasant as I dozed off as soon as I was on my seat (front emergency exit, window as always). There weren’t too many passengers and I was alone on my row which meant I could pull up all the arm rests and lie across the seats. I woke up just as the plane was starting its descent.  The foreigner seated across me slept all throughout, lying across the entire row and only woke-up when the plane was already landing.  The flight attendant didn’t bother waking-him up.  I guess she surmised there were no emergencies any way.

This was my first-time to travel alone and I really had so much fun. I True, traveling alone can have your saliva stuck in your mouth for hours even days with no one to really talk to except to ask for directions or how much especially if you’re like me who shies away from strangers.  But the sense of adventure in venturing out on your own is simply thrilling.  One of my most memorable experiences in this trip is sitting cozily around a bonfire at Daniels’ Lodge in the Cameron Highlands with other fellow travelers and talking about our experiences. In that circle were 2 girls from the UK, a group from Germany, 2 guys from Japan, one Korean and one Vietnamese. That one of the UK girls was heading to the Philippines and that the Vietnamese was originally bound also for the Philippines made me feel good.

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