22-day Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand Trip in December

I will be on a 22-day backpacking trip to Southeast Asia starting in Vietnam and ending in Thailand. Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Vietnam

I usually travel alone but this time I thought of adding a twist–inviting strangers to come and join me.  I figured, it would make the trip more interesting plus of course, lower the cost.  As of now, I already have 1 confirmed participants who already bought his tickets and whom I have met. I can still accommodate 2 more.

Anyone interested to join me and a friend on a 22-day backpacking trip across South East Asia covering Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand?

If cannot make it on all 22 days, you can just join in any of the legs. The whole cost for the trip including transportation, accommodations, food, etc is US$1,000. Airfare is NOT included.

I am NOT a tour operator. I am just an ordinary 38-year old guy who loves to backpack here as well as abroad who  wants to share my passion for traveling. Plus, the more you are, the lower the cost.


Saigon, Vietnam


HCMC/Saigon, Vietnam – We will be landing at HCMC or more popularly referred to as Saigon by both locals and tourists.  We will stay at Pha Ngum Lao which is the backpacker district.  Saigon is a very dynamic city with beautiful French colonial architecture which contrasts with the frenzied happenings at the streets.

Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Vietnam – Located on the southern-central coast and just 5 hours from Saigon is this laid-back strip of beach.  Another area of interest are the unique topographical features such as the red sand dunes, the white sand dunes, and the “fairy” stream.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam – The towns of Can Tho and Chau Doc sit on the mighty Mekong River where we will visit


Chau Doc, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

floating houses and floating markets.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Travelling from Chau Doc on a speedboat, we cross the border to Cambodia. Phnom Penh’s tragic past is remembered in places such as the Tuol Seng museum and the Killing Fields.  These are in contrast to the peaceful beauty of the National Museum and the Royal Palace.

Siem Reap, Cambodia – Home to Angkor Wat, a magnificent architectural heritage.

Bangkok, Thailand – From the legendary nightlife of Silom Soi 2 to the interesting stroll around Ko Ratanokosin and Banglamphu which takes in the Grand Palace complex and its surrounding temples.  We end our adventure with a dinner cruise at the Chao Phraya River.

**For maximum flexibility, privacy, and enjoyment, we will organize our own tours.


Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand


You must be willing to see the sites beyond what the tourist brochures would like you to see.  Traveling is not merely seeing.  It is experiencing the whole drama of life, culture, and beliefs unfold around you.  You must enjoy riding on local transportation rather than the usual tourist coaches, eating at roadside stalls rather than fancy restaurants, and more importantly, willing to be up early in the morning and back to the accommodations late in the evening.


We will be staying at backpacker hostles/guesthouses. These are located in dynamic backpacking areas. We will share a rooms but we will have separate beds.

The rooms are very basic with a/c and small showers

You will have to book your own air fare.  My flight is Dec 18 MNL-SGN (CP 5J751) and Jan 10 BKK-MNL (CP 5J932)

All transportation will through public trains, buses , speed boats which are comfortable, safe, and with advanced bookings with legitimate companies such as Mekong Express, Huay Hin Cruises, Capitol Tours, Hour Lean.


December 18 – ETD: Manila, 11:00pm (Cebu Pacific 5J751)

Day 1: Dec 19: ETA: HCMC, Vietnam 12:30am (Vietnam is 1 hour ahead)
Day 2-3: Dec 20-21: HCMC
Day 4-6: Dec 22-24: Mui Ne, Vietname (beach and desert on the south-central coast)
Day 7 : Dec 25: Return to HCMC from Mui Ne, overnight
Day 8-9: Dec 26-27: Can Tho, Vietnam (Mekong Delta)
Day 10-11: Dec 28-29: Chau Doc, Vietnam (Mekong Delta)
Day 12-14: Dec 30-Jan 1: Phnom Penh, Cambodia (we will take a speedboat from Chau Doc to cross the border to Cambodia)
Day 15-18: Jan 2-5: Siem Reap, Cambodia (Angkor Wat and other temples)
Day 19-22: Jan 6-9: Bangkok, Thailand (we will take a bus from Siem Reap to cross the border to Thailand)

Jan 10: ETD: Bangkok, 12:35 am (check-in at airport on Jan 9 at 9:30pm) (Cebu Pacific 5J932)
ETA: Manila, 2:35 am


EXCLUDING air-fare, US$ 1,000 which includes everything! If you are a shopaholic, bring extra.  I will not be the one to handle your money.  You are responsible for keeping track of your expenses during the trip. The only time I will handle it is when we need to pay for the accommodations, transpo, etc.

If you are interested, please let me know asap. We can meet so I can discuss the trip in detail.

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6 thoughts on “22-day Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand Trip in December

  1. Hi,
    could you give information how to get Mui Ne from Ho Chi Minh City?
    Is there a bus or train from HCMC to Mui Ne? How many hour to get there? How much the bus/train cost?

    thanks in advance,

    • Yes, there is both a bus and a train to Mui Ne. It doesn’t go directly though. Mui Ne is the beach located in the town of Pan Thiet. I have not been to Vietnam and it will be my first time to travel there this December. From the info I gathered, the trip takes about 5 hours. I don’t know how much.

  2. Suzie

    Hi Earl – Would it be possible for you to post your complete Itinerary on the Vietnam-Cambodia tour? I’d really really appreciate it if you include the names of the hotels, transportation and food expenses so I can estimate the budget 🙂 Thanks much!

    • I don’t have the details anymore. But suffice to say, I spent $1,000 for everything including some shopping. Accommodations, as written in the blog, are all backpacker places. I believe the names of the accommodations are in my blog accounts of my trip.

  3. hi earl, just found your website and its was a very interesting blog with all the info… any IT that you may want to share because i’ll be going to Vietnam & probably cross Cambodia this 22 to 30 Dec 2011. highly appreciate your inputs.

    • I suggest you do the Vietnam-Cambodia crossing via the Mekong Delta. Spend some days at the Mekong Delta which is a really lovely region of the southern part of Vietnam. In Chau Doc, you can take a fast boat directly to Phnom Penh. It’s a more relaxing than an overland HCMC-PP crossing.

      Spending 8 days means that you’ll have just enough time to spend a few days in HCMC and the Mekong then head to PP for a day or two then go to Siem Reap for Angkor Wat. Bangkok is a closer exit point rather than backtracking all the way back to HCMC.

      Ha[[y travels!

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