Back in Bangkok

It all started with dog shit in Manila.  Leaving her house to take a cab to the Centennial Airport, Bam stepped on dog poop twice!  Going by superstitious belief, it meant good luck.  Arriving in Bangkok last Wednesday after lunch, a bird pooped on my head.  That meant good luck again!

And as of today, I am sure for the next couple of days until we–Bam, Ed, and me fly back home, we are having a swell of a grand time.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

This is my 3rd time here and Bangkok still always surprises me.  No matter how many times I’ve walked the streets of Silom, browsed the stalls, looked at the sights, they still fascinate me. Last Thursday, we went to the Grand Palace complex and the beautiful architecture still awed me.  I didn’t go inside Wat Phra Keaw anymore as I was wearing shoes and found it too tedious to remove them, especially with the hordes trying to take a peek at the emerald buddha.  I did go inside Wat Pho, though.  Strolling along the street from the Grand Palace to Wat Pho, we passed several make-shit stalls selling amulets. My lucky find was a lingam charm worn around the waist.  It was small and made of stone.  This was probably my best Bangkok shopping find.  From TH250, I bargained it down to TH230.

Convention by day, birthday at night. We are here primarily

Muay Thai at the Asia Fitness Convention opening

for the Asian Fitness Convention (AFC) at the swell Bangkok Convention Center which ended yesterday (I miss it already!).  The presentations were really good and it was well-organized.    After the sessions, we (which now included Jigs, Gelo, Boyet, and Marlon) trooped to Siam Paragon to buy cake for my birthday–Ed and Bam’s treat.  Back at the guesthouse, we had some cake, a yummy chocolate-strawberry mix, before heading to Suan Lum Night Market for dinner and some Tiger beer.

It was my first time in Suan Lum and I was just as excited as the others.  We walked across Lumphini Park to exit on the right-sde gate then crossed the street to the park.  Being a Friday night, there were a lot of people but not crowed though.  I had a mango salad and the hottest green pork curry I ever had.  We left the boys at the market who wanted to drink some m0re.  Bam and Ed looked around the market before heading back home passing through Sathorn.

It was my first time to spend my birthday somewhere else and it was fun.  I got so many text greetings but didn’t respond to them except to my sister’s.  Roaming charges are a bit expensive.  So I just gave my welcome via Facebook.

The convention ended yesterday.  We have 3 full days to go before heading back home on Thursday.  We are off to Banglamphu.

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