Wat more.. more.. more..

Wat RatchanaburiMy first trip to Ayuthayya was to greet the New Year of 2009. There were hordes and hordes of people and it was so traffic. This time it was different. There wasn’t much of a crowd and we had the wats pretty much to ourselves. I especially loved Wat Chaiwatthanaraw, a replica of Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat, albeit a miniature version. There wasn’t anyone else and there were beautiful photo opportunities, usually in corners with arches and lined-up ruined buddhas.

There is always a different pleasure to be had when revisiting a place. Maybe I should find work as a tourist place as I enjoyed showing Bam and Ed around. We took the train from the Hualamphong Station which was a mistake.  It was clean enough but it stopped at so many stations, you couldn’t really “feel” the train ride.  The windows were also quite opaque so you couldn’t quite make out the scenery, if there was one.  For the price, TH 245 , it was much cheaper and faster to take the bus which I did last year.  At least the seats were comfortable enough to sleep-in. I was just afraid we’d miss the stop as no one was announcing the station names.  I did remind the conductor to announce to us if we were at Ayuthayya already. 

We hired a tuk-tuk from the station for TH600 for 3 hours which brought us to the main wats such as Wat Maha That, Wat Ratchaburana, Wat Yai Chaya Mongkol, and the place for elephant rides. We didn’t ride the elephants thought as Bam took pity on a baby elephant that was being made to perform. I have a feeling they’re not really treated well as the baby elephant looked kinda scared whenever his handler would scold him. Another concern, was the sharp knife-looking instrument he would use to hit him.

We finished the trip at around 1:15 and took a mini van back to Bangkok which dropped us off at the Victory Monument. It was just a mere TH60, a fraction of the train ticket.  It was a new minivan but since were were at the back seat, it was quite cramp.  The driver was really speeding down the highway and kept going over the bumps so it was quite hard to get some sleep.  Late lunch was pork leg and rice at the street stalls by the monument.

We are going back home tomorrow on the 1:30 flight.

Train to Ayuthayya

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