Mui Ne

Mui Ne beach

We arrived at almost  2pm from Saigon. The Open Tour bus with booked through TNK Travel deposited us at Hong Di Resort which we booked via email.$16 bought us a basic cottage with a double bed, ensuite bathroom, and a fan.  The bonus was it being beach front.  The ocean was literally just meters away from us and that meant being lulled to sleep with the waves crashing on the shore.  $3 more would have brought us airconditioning but that would put us a little farther away.  We were fine with where we were.

The entire beach is several kilometers long and motos and even cabs hang out at the main road lined with shops, resorts, cafes, and restaurants.  Francis and I stumbled on a shop that had really cheap clothes.  Either they were really first class quality knock-offs are overruns.  We couldn’t tell and we didn’t mind.  For $49 dollars, I got an Abercrombi & Fitch khaki cargo shorts, Gap loose cargo shorts, Billabong surf shorts, and 2 North Face shirts.  Not bad.  I even bought more stuff here than in Saigon.  There were so many nice clothes to buy but I had to stop myself from spending too much on shopping.  At least, we were still way below our budget.

Late late lunch, around 3 pm was at Lamtong which the shopkeeper pointed out to us as having really good food and very popular.  He was right.  The servings were big and very cheap.  A plateful of sSeafood springrolls was D30,000 and fried noodles with vegetables D20,000.

Walking along the windswept beach, it was clear we had made the right decision to detour here.  The 4-hr bus ride was so worth it.  The coastline was long, clean, and though the waters were not suitable for swimming due to the large waves, it was nevertheless very beautiful.  We booked a tour to the Sand Dunes, the Red Canyon, and the Fishing Village for $15 per person.

It’s almost 6:30pm and there is a strong breeze.  The resort is quiet as it doesn’t have a noisy bar.  In fact, the entire beach strip, even the main road seems to be quite.  It definitely isn’t a partying beach which adds more to its charm.

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