Vietnamese Christmas

We spent Christmas eve in Mui Ne.  If not for the handful of resorts, mostly the higher-end ones, who were offering Christmas dinners and some decorations, the season could hardly be felt.  We at first planned to having the barbecue buffet at Sankara, but the D390,000 cost deterred us and we decided to just have dinner at LamTong again. It’s cheap, local, and very good.  There weren’t much of a crowd at Lam Tong, maybe some where having their dinner at a more expensive place.  We did come across a few people who were nicely dressed and seemed to be headed to something fancy.  As a treat, we ordered more than the usual at Lam Tong.  We had 2 orders of fried rice with meat, seafood springrolls, fried noodles with shrimp and squid, and grilled meat all washed down with a bottle of Tiger beer.  Burp!  We then headed to Wax which had some music and dancing going on.  There was a sizeable crowd there and Francis and I even played billiards.  Mostly everyone were just drinking though and the dancing at the discoteque hadn’t picked-up yet so I just decided to head home around 12 for some shut-eye.

We left Mui Ne at around 9am already.  We missed our bus because we waited at the Hahn Cafe rather than at the resort which meant that when it stopped for us, we weren’t there.  We thought that the bus would stop at the cafe first since that’s where we booked the tickets.  So the guy had to call another bus to pick us up.  After all the serenity at Mui Ne, it was quite a jolt to be surrounded by all those crazy motos again.  At least, we were surrounded by Russians at our hotel by the beach.  Kite surfing is such as big thing at Mui Ne and there was so much eye candy around thanks to the Russian hunks.

We are back in Saigon now and it’s still the same.  No Christmas stuff and all that.

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