Border Crossing

It’s been an exhausting day. We finally made it to Bangkok hassle-free. We were greeted by strong rains though. I was worried that there’s would be a typhoon. But it’s just the usual monsoon. It’s kinda of a shocker though after the sunny and clear skies in Vietnam and Cambodia. We took a share  taxi  from Siem Reap to Poipet.  At 20$ for two people, it was just $5 more than getting on a regular bus. With bulging bags, we were really concerned about hauling our luggage on a bus. The cab, a Toyota Camry, was clean and quiet new and the driver was really nice.  The 2 1/2 hour ride was smooth going all the way with glorious tarmac on the once rough dirt road.  There wasn’t much of a scenery though.  Poipet was a scruffy little place that had all the markings of a border town— people coming and going, buses, touts to carry your luggage, etc.  A huge casino with tourists sipping drinks outside lined one side of the rode.   We had our passports stamped at the Cambodian side then walked to the Thai border.   I should have shelled-out the extra riyel or dollar to put my luggage on the wooden carts that was being offered. Both backpacks weighed about 15kg each and I had to carry them all the way to the Thai border which took about 10 minutes.   We mistakenly stopped at the immigrations area for Thai residents.  Fortunately, some helpful people pointed out the air-conditioned building for foreigners.  Another quick stamp on our passports and we exited towards the bus station. My arms were just about ready to give way.

We had enough time to buy some rice toppings at the station before the 11:30 bus took off. The trip took about 5 hours and we arrived at the Mo Chit station just before 5pm. The line for the metered taxi took forever so we took the offer of one of the touts to take his cab for 400B which is really too much as it’s a mere 30 minute ride.  Well, what’s Bangkok without a scam.

The rain has been relentless but we finally found  Sawsdee Krungthep Inn at Soi Rambutri. Ive always stayed at Silom for easy access around the city.  But we had overshot our budget already. The room was cramped and the bathroom really small. The sink was actually beside the bed.  But you can’t really complain with a twin room that only charges TH520 per night and comes with breakfast.  Too bad the rains are keeping everything and everyone indoors.   Khao San would have been lovely for a walk for some backpacker vibe. We have a really small room with a double bed and an ensuite shower. The sink and the mirror is outside and by the bed, though. At least the aircon is really cold. There’s no free wifi though.

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