More Than an Hour

Having dinner at The Podium with my sisters, we inevitably found ourselves at Earth Hour while relishing Sebastian’s Lemon Meringue ice cream.  One by one, the mall lights were shut off leaving only a few turned on at strategic locations.  The retails shops followed suit and soon the mall looked like it was half-closed.  Outside a group of drummers entertained the motley crowed with lively rhythms and pulsating beats that suspiciously sounded like Safri Duo minus the synths.  ADB Avenue was quiet and dark as there were very few people and vehicles in the area.  It did look and feel nice that most of the establishments were cooperating.  We got home at almost 9:30pm and even our house was on Earth Hour!

I’ve never really been crazy with Earth Hour simply because I’ve always been environment friendly even before it became fashionable.  The 60 minutes of darkness is supposed to have enough impact on lessening the carbon footprint, that is if people actually just shut-off their lights without using generators that run on fossil fuels or lighting dozens of candles or worse, gas lamps, that release more harmful gases on the air.  I just hope that all those who participate in Earth Hour realize that 60 minutes in a year is simply not enough.  It is supposed to be symbolic but if it is not translated into something more sustaining, then it becomes just that, a symbol that has very little impact.

Anyway, here are just  few things I do that won’t take 60 minutes but if done everyday, makes a lot of impact.

1.  Anything that runs on electricity should be turned-on only the moment it is going to be used and turned-off immediately once done.

2.  Throw no paper.  Re-use  then collect once it cannot be used anymore and bring it to a recycling center.  Sames goes with plastic.

3.  Patronize the neighborhood junk shop or “bote, dyaryo, garapa” boys.

4. Always bring a bag for shopping.  Skip the plastic bags.  I am appalled when even small items that can fit in a small handbag or a pocket are placed in plastic bags.  A law should be passed banning the use of plastic bags smaller than an A3.

5.  Finish all your food and water.

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