A View From My Plane Window

Cebu Pacific flight 5J 936 was technically on time.  Only the take-off cueing delayed it as we were third in line.  The flight was pleasant all throughout and I managed to even doze off.  Or maybe because I was under medication.  The best part of the flight really was the Captain who was gracious enough to explain why we were remained on the tarmac after taxiing to the runway.  He spoke clearly and audibly; none of the usual “ldsh nd gntlmn ths iz ur cptn spkng we are (mumble mumble) on (mumble) flyt tme . . .” that you often hear.  It’s as if he really wanted to talk to us, his passengers.  When he came again about 15 minutes after take-off to explain our flight and the weather, he spoke clearly again.  as someone who rides planes with fear, I always listen earnestly to the Captain whenever he goes over the PA system.  It is reassuring to hear that someone is actually there in the cockpit looking 0ut at the weather, the air route and flying the machine. When he announced that the “there was mostly fair weather to Davao and visibility was high,” it was like listening to the Angel Gabriel announcing the Immaculate Conception.  In fact, even the flight attendants spoke just as well.  I’ve always thought that part of the FA training was learning to mumble while announcing pre-departure procedures.  I hope future Cebu Pacific flights have staff that as just as articulate.

I reserved seat 1F which meant front row window seat.  I took these shots from my window.   The Captain said our route would take us southeast passing through the Bondoc Peninsula, Masbate, and Agusan.  I wouldn’t really know which part of the Philippines these were but they were beautiful.  It was a clear day so visibility offered spectacular views of undulating mountain ranges and isles on emerald seas.  It made me realize how beautiful the Philippine archipelago really is.

Majestic Mt. Apo in the distance

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