Mt. Maculot

I just came back from my first climb for this year— Mt. Maculot with Guys4Mountains, Inc.  I’ve never really given thought of climbing this mountain given the bad press it has gotten through the years—- damaged trails, rubbish, refreshments stands, etc.  Some have gone to the extent of boycotting the mountain or taking it off their bucket list (such as me).  Whenever someone mentions Maculot, I always say, “I’ve never climbed it,” which results in surprised looks.  So why did I go?  Because any mountain, no matter how “bad” always turns out good with Guys4Mountains, Inc.  More than the mountain, it’s the company that makes any climb worth it.

I was pleasantly surprised that the trails weren’t different from those of other popular mountains such as Manabu, Gulugod Baboy, and Talamitam.  I expected wide trails littered with trash.  About a third-up , there was a refreshment stand and on the campsite, another one.  One kinda expects that already from mountains in the league of Maculot. It would be unbelievable if there was nary a local selling buko juice.  Besides, I think any hardcore mountaineer, would melt at the sight of fresh buko juice.

It was mid-day when we reached the campsite which was good as that left us with one of the better spots.  Towards evening, the main campsite had already looked like there was a jamboree going on.  I slept the rest of the afternoon which meant I skipped the climb to the Rockies. Aaaaarrrggghhhh!

I understand why people like Maculot so much. The trail is relatively easy and short and mostly covered.  Since I never made it to the Rockies nor to the summit, I can’t tell what you can see from there but I bet it’s more than spectacular from what you can see from the campsite— Taal Lake and Balayan Bay.


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One thought on “Mt. Maculot

  1. nice view up there.. sana makarating din ako jan.. 😛

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