Lazy in Davao

I was in Davao last weekend and apart from working (if you could call teaching Zumba at the Davao Marathon work; more like play) on Friday afternoon, I did nothing but eat and sleep.  It’s a first really as I would normally be out looking for an adventure perhaps in a quiet spot on a beach in Kaputian or hanging from a zipline.  But either I must have been really tired from the work week or Davao had lost all its allure to me.  If I just had loads of moolah I would have probably spent a good part of the day at Omar’s Antique Store in Aldevinco scouring its dusty shelves and corners for musical instruments.  There was a nice intricately-carved lute from Lanao that cost a whopping Php 12,000!  The large antique “kulintang” that I like so much cost Php 50,000 up per set.  I did snag a good deal for a set of new “kulintang” and a “saronay” for Php 9,000.  At another store, I got a frame drum for Php 1,500 which was so much less than the Php 5,500 they were asking for it.  I told them that nobody would ever buy it so they might as well sell it to me.  They weren’t sure though where the drum came from.  The metal frame was that of a Western-type drum but the membrane is of goat skin.

An interesting tidbit I got from the shopkeepers is that during December, indigenous groups come down from the highlands and roam the city streets playing the music and asking for donations.  At the end of the month, they sell all their stuff rather than bring them back home.

So there I was in my room at the Hotel Galleria in Davao, a/c at full blast and watching television, something I have not done in a long time.  Maybe the next time I go on a trip I should set aside an entire day just relaxing at the hotel or hostel and watching television, that is if my budget accommodation has a television set inside the room.

I had lunch at Garden Buffet which was just a short walk from the hotel.  It was a Saturday so it was pretty crowded with families occupying entire tables.  The Chinese spread featured roast chicken, sotanghon, inihaw na liempo, yang chow fried rice, steamed fish, mixed vegetables, and a whole lot more.  It was very cheap at only Php 128 and the food tasted quite good! It seems the buffet fad has also spread to Davao as walking around the streets I saw lots of restaurants breakfast, merienda, and lunch and dinner buffets.

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