Ayam Tulang Lunak

The house of chicken goodness

Fans of fried chicken will go crazy over its Indonesian version called Ayam Tulang Lunak and the best place to try this is at Malioboro Restaurant in Kuta, Bali A good driver/guide will bring you to the best places to eat and for bringing us tho this rumah makan (literally “eating house”), I  would give To Day two thumbs up.

We had just arrived in Bali and looking forward for some lunch after quick photo-op stop over in touristy Kuta Beach before heading to Tanah Lot and Uluwatu.  The streets of Kuta were expectedly crammed with vehicles jostling space with tanned tourists.  But it was well worth the effort and the restlessness to head to this popular restaurant for fried chicken heaven.

We pulled to the remaining parking slot in front of the restaurant (the Hindu gods must be extra generous to us that day) and sat at one of the formica-stopped tables.  The place was brightly lit with blown-up photo murals of their famous chicken.  “Special Meu: Pressure-cooked chicken,” the mural announced.  To Day promised us it was very good and the bones were soft-enough to eat. Another two thumbs up for To Day.

We ordered an Ayam Presto Telur Asin   and corn soup from the large colorful menu.

As everywhere in Indonesia, I asked “Pedas ini?”  “Tidak,” the waitress assured me. Since the phots showed the chicken served with the head on, I asked that it be taken off.  For Jeanette’s gastronomic delight, I did agree to keep the neck so she ould chew on it.  Eeeewwwwww!

The service was friendly and efficient and they were patient enough to keep bringing us water as I kept mistakenly referring to “cold” as “panas” and “hot” as “dingin.”

The corn soup arrived hot and was very tasty and hearty with sweet corn kernels and some beef chunks.  It was the chicken, however, that took my breathe away.

The chicken was served  halved,  golden brown and slathered with  gravy so rich and delicious I could have eaten a bowlful of it.  “Telus Asin” is salted egg similar in taste and look to our itlog na pula.  I’m guessing that the telur asin was pureed and made into gravy.

Good gravy should be generously poured so you can spoon it and pour it on your rice

Forget about the calories and the cholesterol from all that oil.  It was finger lickin’ good.  Add the plate for lickin’ too as this is one chicken meal that would leave your plate clean as the bones are so soft and crispy they’re good enough to eat. Yup, I was in calcium  over drive that day thanks to all those yummy chicken bones.

Enak sekali,” I remarked to To Day as we climbed back into the van.  If Bali is not only the home of the gods but it’s also the home of the best chicken.

Here’s the address:

Jln Kediri, No 50, I-J Tuban,
Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.
Telephone : 0361-759 192.

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