Sunday with a Bunch of Red Eggs and an Indonesian Recipe

There’s still a whole lot of gravy left from Friday night’s Ayam Presto Telur Asin so I got that, added more red eggs for more bite and some water to lighten it a bit  and used it as a pasta sauce.  Crumbled Vigan longganiza completed the yumminess.  It really is very good but oh so fat and calorie-laden.  Gotta up my Zumba class tomorrow to burn all that excess.

I’m delighted to have finally made Ayam Presto Telur Asin, the  yummy Indonesian fried chicken I tasted at Malioboro Restaurant in my trip to Bali last April.  The chicken was soft to the bone and very crisp but it was the gravy that blew me away.  Not knowing the recipe, I figured that the telur asin (salted eggs) came in the form of the gravy.  Blend the telur asin with the oil used to fry the chicken and you have a really good gravy. The recipe I got from the internet (thank god for Google translate and my knowledge of Bahasa-Indonesia) confirmed that.

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