All Packed and Nowhere To Go

My backpack is back on the top shelf of my closet.  Some of my foodstuff are happily making their way down my digestive track.  So why am I blogging instead of resting in my tent at the campsite of Tirad Pass in Ilocos Sur?

8:00pm.  I am on my way home from Katipunan. Getting a cab was easy and traffic was very light.

8:30pm.  Jay texts me asking where I am.  He is at the Partas station in Pasay waiting for others.

9:00pm.  My friend tells me he is about to leave his place to get to my house. I tell friend to wait.

9:30pm.  I give friend the go signal to head to my house.

10:00 pm.  Friend gets lost getting to my house and blames me for my directions.  I tell him to go bug off.

10:05pm.  Jay texts me that he and the others are on a bus already.

10:30pm. I am at dining table wondering aloud whether I should go or not.  I realize that I only Jay in the group and he’s not even the organizer as he’s a mere tag-along like myself.  I rally others to my reasoning.

10:35pm.  Vivian tells me that if I don’t want to head to the bus station alone, she’ll accompany me.

10:45pm.  I make alternative plans.

11:00pm.  I decide not to go.


Enough said.



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