Away From the Dust; Borann Lodge

Stay or Not Stay: Stay!

As we turned from the main road to smaller streets and into an even smaller quieter street, I wished that I had chosen lodging nearer the main drag for easy access to a convenience store and places to eat.

The moto driver the lodge had arranged to pick me up at the Banlung bus station a few kilometers outside town deposited me to the front yard of the Borann Lodge.  I made my way up the tiled step to a large Khmer style house.  Checked-in at the reception helped by my English-speaking driver then promptly showed to my room—  stand-alone structure behind the main building.

I opened the door to a big room with a nice big bed.  Hanging from the wall in front was a television set with cable.  The ensuite bathroom was clean and had hot and cold showers.  The only downside to the room was the lack of a proper table so much of my stuff was on the floor.  The place was really big though and during my 4 night stay I would just fling my stuff and still have enough floor space to do a Zumba dance  if I wanted to. This was a fan room and the ceiling fan was strategically suspended very near the bed.  Having a fan also meant I could do a little laundry and dry it quickly. Banlung was really cold at night so sometimes I left the windows near my bed closed.  Being a stand alone like a small cottage, the room had two walls with windows.  The ones near the door opened to a small cemented courtyard with a swing and across a two-level structure with four rooms all facing outside.  Not good though was the steeply sloping litter-filled lot behind the room where laundry was hanging. At least it didn’t smell.

The pink and blue towels had the added advantage of quick absorbing as it was made of the same kind of materials used in trekking towels.

Really really good value room considering it only cost $6 per night!

Borann Lodge is owned by the same people at Yaklom Hill Lodge located walking distance to Boeung Yeak Lom.  I made my reservations through the Yaklom Hill online reservation form at their website.

Just beside it is Adam Restaurant which has good food.  Other places to eat such as Taman Restaurant and Dutch Co which is also a tour agency and a fast internet station Sri Mama is just 10 minutes walk to the street that runs perpendicular.  The internet station on the same street as Borann Lodge totally sucks.

I realized that there is no need to stay by the main road nor the town center which would invariably be noisy and dusty.

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