Cheng Ho Hotel, Melaka: I Like This Place

Stay or Not Stay: Stay!

Not to be confused with Cheng Hoe Hotel a few steps down in Jalan Tungkul Emas, this little hotel is near the Kampung Kling Mosque.  After spending a night at the overprice and certainly not good value Chong Hoe Hotel, I trooped to this place which had a sign at its front door that announced rooms at RM35.  There was no one in the reception area so I went to the back where a woman was taking some laundry out.

Someone had just a vacated a room earlier and I was invited to check it out.  I went up the wooden steps to the second floor and the nice lady opened the spacious room. There was a large bed across which was a table with an old television set.  On the corner near the window (yup! even if they just opened to the airy reading area, there were still windows) was a small sink with towel hooks on the wall.  Without hesitation, I left my backpack, locked the room, and promptly paid.

The hotel is small but clean.  During my 2d/1n stay there, I only came across 1-2 other tourists but I did hear some Japanese girls talking down the corridor.  It was mostly quiet and there was no one at the common areas on both the ground and second floors.  The common toilet and shower was just a few steps  from my room.

The reading area at the second floor

A small sign at the front read, “Go to the back for inquiries” as there was never anyone there at the reception.  It was great that I was given a key to the front door so I need not knock and bother anyone to open-up in case I stayed beyond midnight.

The forever empty reception

There was a conscious effort to keep the place clean and pretty and people seemed to like it as evidenced by tacked notes on the bulletin board by the staircase commending bother place and staff.  The table also held some tourist brochures and other types of publication. Most helpful was a booklet on Melaka’s famous cuisine including the recommended places to eat the specialties.

I would stay here again.

What I Like:

  • Spacious room with its own sink
  • Airy courtyard
  • Friendly staff
  • Clean facilities
  • Very good location
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