Raising the Red Lanterns in Malaysia

No, I’ve since arrived from Malaysia (and before that, Cambodia) last Jan 12.  In celebration of Chinese New Year, I thought I’s post some pictures from my trip to Melaka and Kuala Lumpur.  I stayed at Chinatown in both places which means lots of really good Chinese and Peranakan (in the case of Melaka) food and shops and streets decked in colorful red lanterns and other Chinese decorations.


As one of the homes (the other being Penang) of the Straits Chinese, Melaka is especially fun with its daily evening performances of comedy skits, songs, and dances on a large stage at the end of Jonket Street.

Raise the red lantern!

It’s on special occasions such as these that the sweet sticky rice cake made from glutinous flour and sugar and steamed in round tins covered with banana leaves makes it appearance.

Ti Kuih


I’ve always thought that KL was more Chinese than Malay especially when you stay at the close to the commercial district and of course, to Chinatown.

The sign said that it was the biggest artificial cherry blossom tree. It greets you at the lobby of Berjaya Times Square.

Chinatown is the best place to stay for me.  Not only are the sights within easy walking distance, there’s a lot of good cheap food to be had especially in the evening when stalls set-up along the streets.  Though not as vibrant or as Chinese-y as Melaka, a few shops raised the red lanterns and colored the otherwise backpacker area-looking streets.  While having a a dinner of claypot chicken rice, a dragon dance passed by street.

Flowers and lanterns are blooming

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