In an era when dessert places have names such as “Dessert Factory” and  “Goodies n Sweets” which all conjure visions of saccharine heavens,  “Fudge” sounds so dry and dreary.  Repeat after me— “Fudge.”  It comes out of your pursed lips like an obscene word.  Even the signage out front the ordinary facade of the small place is so well….. ordinary you’d give it a miss. But step inside, feast your eyes  at the cakes on display, grab a seat, place your order and be delighted.

My first time there, I had a most rich cheesecake baked inside an utterly thick and decadent chocolate cake.   The following night, I tried the famous Chocnut cheesecake.  It was smooth and had the unmistakable Choc-nut taste that reminded me so much of my childhood. Forkful after forkful of the wonderful cake awakened my taste buds to the nutty taste that had long since been gone from my gastronomic senses, replaced by the now more popular and cheaper, Hany.   I put down my fork with both appetite and taste buds appeased.

The rule when dining in dessert places is to leave as soon as you put the last crumbly morsel  in your mouth.  It is not a place to linger lest you develop diabetes in one sitting.  As I sat at the small table in light conversation with Annie, the White Chocolate Cheesecake sitting so dainty and pretty on the refrigerated glass stand beckoned to me.  I walked over and saw how beautiful it was.  The icing looked like a dress with curled up designs.  It also contained one of my favorite ingredients— white chocolate.  I had to have it.  I ordered it, delighted in it and promptly left as the Blueberry Cheesecake jealously beckoned.

And now as  I write this, I have a Brownie Cheesecake, a Mango Delight, and Sansrival, and a Ladyfinger all waiting to be tasted.

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