Living Like a Local

Prices had gone considerably up when I tried booking at my usual booking sights for my 2-night stay in HK. I then turned to AirBnb which offered local accommodations. Not only was out cheaper but you get to stay in someone’s house!  Now,  that is a real local experience.

I found one just a minute’s walk away from Exit D of Prince Edward Station.

I really enjoyed staying at the flat as it was the typical HK set-up. No lifts and a thousand steps to get up. Great for losing all those dimsum calories.

Kamlun,  who owns the place,  picked me up at the lobby of the Metropark Hotel in Mongkok where I got off from the A21 airport bus.

The flat was clean and comfortable and was even bigger than my room at b the Hotel MK where I stayed on my previous trip.


There were 3 flats to a floor. Mine was on the 6th floor.  Kamlun did help me with the luggage.  It was okay song it alone bringing the luggage down when I departed.

Each floor had a small shrine.


And a place to put your trash.


There was a large common area which I assumed was where a dining table would be.


There was even a teeny-weeny kitchen. No stuff for cooking here, though. But why cook when yummy food is everywhere on the streets?


The bedroom was big for HK standards.


And had a view.


The shower room was a little small but the water was really strong which made showering a pleasure.


I even washed my shirt and shorts and put it out to dry— HK style outside the window. Forgot to secure my shirt with clothes pins so it was blown away by the wind.

I really liked staying here as it gave me an opportunity to feel what it is like to live in a usual HK flat.

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