Back in Bali with a Broken Promise

I am seated at my front porch right now while the sound of a gamelan playing echoes in the distance.  I am back in beautiful Ubud having just arrived this morning. Yes! I was supposed to have spent  Christmas at home but when Air Asia canceled our flights to Taipei and my traveling companions ditched the idea of booking another trip,  I went ahead and booked a Bali flight for less than Php 10,000  (preferred seats and baggage included) for Dec 21. Doing that, I committed 2 wrongs at the same time.  (1) I had broken my promise of spending Christmas at home; and (2) forgetting about a Dec 21 church affair of which I was chair of the committee.

Nothing could be done with Christmas except wishing everyone regards. As for the affair,  I went straight to the airport after it ended around 1 am to catch my 4 am flight. I was exhausted and dizzy from lack of sleep by the time I boarded my Cebu Pacific flight.

Managed to catch a few winks in the plane as I was at the emergency exit which meant a comfortable space. The flight was smooth and pleasant and we finally landed at Ngurah Rai Airport close to 8 in the morning.

Selamat Pagi, Bali
Slept again at the car which I had booked earlier for the trip to Ubud (235, 000).

The trip to Ubud took more than an hour and it was thrilling to see familiar places. From the main road of Jl Ubud, we turned to a side road and finally stopped outside compoud called “Taman Mesari”. I had booked this at AirBnb for a pretty reasonable price (175, 000). This was going to be home for the next 12 days.

I occupied one of the 2 small bungalows located in a family compound. It was spacious and clean and surrounded with windows.

The bathroom was nice as it even had an open roof.

Dirty Duck
Had a really late lunch at Bebek Bingil which was famous for their fried duck

An order consisted of half a duck, a cup of rice, small platters of vegetables, and wedge of watermelon and orange. The duck was tasty and not greasy at all and had none of the strong “duck” taste. It was delicious and filing albeit quite expensive.

Rice Ice Cream
While strolling along Jl Hanoman, I stumbled on a gelatto stand outside a sweet little cosmetics shop. For 20, 000 a scoop, I had a black rice ice cream. It was really good especially as the texture of the black rice contrasted with the texture of the gelatto. Of course, a scoop wasn’t enough so I had another one.

Enak sekali!

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