Bye Bali! Mabuhay Manila!

I’m standing at a very long line waiting to be dispatched at one of those yellow metered cabs. Maybe I should have gone up to the departure level instead. Too late now.

Thank God customs was such a breeze. The officer simply took the declaration form frpm me, took a quick glance at my two really large packs containing the musical instruments I bought a nd let me. In my haste to get away from him lest he decides to take a peek, I forgot to retrieve my passport from him. He chuckled as I went back.

The flight was very pleasant.  Very very smooth.  Just the usual shaking. No real turbulence.

I left Rojas Homestay just before a quarter to five in the morning and arrived at Ngurah Rai airport south of Denpasar at six thirty. The driver, who was dressed in long sleeves and tight jeans, was going a little fast, though. I was too sleepy to tell him “bukan terlalu cepat.”

Harry brought me my French macaroons all beautifully boxed with a ribbon.  There were also three macaroon lollipops!  I really adore Harry and Jessica of Caramel, my favorite dessert place in Ubud.

Anyway, back to the airport.  I really didn’t pay much  attention to the new airport at Bali when I arrived weeks ago. I guess, people don’t really  take note of arrivals areas as foremost on your mind is to get out of the terminal as quick as possible.

The new airport was really spacious and still needs a lot of work. Based on the steep prices for goods and services, travelers are the ones shouldering it. An airport usage fee of IDR 150,000 (roughly USD 15)? Baggage wrapping at IDR 120,000 (roughly USD 12)? A $5 tuna sandwhich? They gotta be kidding!

The crowd was light around that time and I breezed through check-in and immigration in 15 minutes. Cool!

Nothing really to occupy time at the gate excepy avail  the strong free wifi. At around 7.30, the waiting areas at the gate started to fill with people. There were hardly any seats available.  Fortunately,  just before it got insanely crowded, we boarded our flight.

Finally back home.

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