Beitou and a Traditional Market Festival

This was my second trip to Taipei and I had nothing planned. Yesterday morning, I went to Beitou to check out the “Indigenous Classics in the Capital” exhibit at the Ketagalan Cultural Center.

An interesting item I saw was a cow-hide coat of the Yami. Originally from Batanes in the northern Philippines, a thousand years ago,  they got on their boats and crossed the ocean to Lanyu Island and became the Yami. They remained in contact with their Batanes buddies and continued to trade with them. The coat was one of those. Other interesting items included an ornately-carved table and chairs set of the Pawai and garments with shell decorations.

The sun was out so half-way to the Museum of Folk Art from Ketagalan, I turned back. The walk was long and the temperature was soaring. It reminded me of my first trip here almost a year ago. I had a fever then and being at Beitou, hot spring capital, seemed to excacerbate how I felt.  Dropped by the Thermal Valley which was steaming out sulfur and all. I decided I had enough of Beitou and walked back to the MRT for the ride to the Taipei Expo Park.

Happy taste buds and tummy at the Traditional Market Festival at the park.

One particularly yummy treat was a crunchy fried taro puff crushed and wrapped in a thin crepe.


There was so much to try and I would have if it weren’t for my already-full tummy.

How about a dumpling shaped like a pig?


The food was cheap, too. Around Php 75 for 8 pieces of meat and cabbage dumplings fresh off the pan.


Explored the park including walking into this bamboo installation by the Museum of Fine Arts.


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