Sleeping at Taoyuan Airport

Arriving at Taoyuan at 12:30 am last Friday , I promptly looked for a place to sleep at Terminal 1. Downstairs at the Departure Hall, it was quiet and there were hardly any people. The check-in counters were closed and the lights turned low. No flights were leaving, at least within the next few hours.  Large circular leather sofas lined the hall on one side along with charging stations (thank you, airport authorities).


A few people were already asleep on them so I walked further down the hall and chose one that was empty except for a bespectacled guy sitting sleepily. I staked my spot at the side facing away from the counters and went to sleep. I woke-up around 4 as a few people started coming.  It was also very cold so I took out the wrap-around I packed. Tried going back to sleep again.  I woke up past 5 as more and more people arrived occupying the sofa. Sleeping would not only be futile but also inconsiderate as the crowd was getting bigger and people obviously needed to sit.  I gathered my stuff, went to the rest room for my morning absolutions then headed to a 7-11 for an oversized Yakult and a steamed bun. The buses to the city were already running and I got on one which was leaving for the Taipei Main Station in a few minutes.

Nihao ma, Taipei!

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