Temple Procession at the Dalongdong Baoan Temple

There I was seated by the entrance of the MRT station feeling like a stuffed pig after all that yummy and cheap food at the Traditional Market Festival at the Expo Park. My feet were just as tired as my digestive system working over time. But I was at the vicinity of the much touted Confucious Temple and might as well head there.

Good decision as I chanced upon a temple procession at the nearby and more historic Dalongdong Baoan Temple.

There were with musicians,  mythical figures, and lion and dragon dancers.


I had forgotten that there was an ongoing Baoshung Cultural Festival by the Baoan Temple.


A large crowd gathered in front of temple where the processional figures stopped to perform a bit.



The dragon and lion dances were particularly exciting to watch as they were so animated.


Small groups of men and women also pushed a wooden carriage towards the temple entrance then abruptly stop and then pull back then charge again. After two tries,  as they charged forward they would suddenly maneuver it to the left.


At the temple courtyard, people were offering food and burning joss sticks.


On a small room at the left of the temple courtyard a group of women clad in brown robes were chanting from a book accompanied by finger cymbals and a bowl. It was very pleasant to listen to as their solemn alto voices moved up and down in unison.


The procession was still ongoing when I left the temple and headed to the Confucius Temple on the other side.


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