Eating at Shilin Market

Because I was avoiding the tourist crowd, Shilin was not my list of night markets. Not even during my previous trip here. However, with my disappointment at the food choices at the night markets at Longshan Temple last night and the expensive choices at Yongkang St. this afternoon, I headed to Shilin. As Taipei’s biggest crowd-drawer among night markets,  it was bound to keep tummy and palate happy.


Shilin is the type of market you wish was a little further out from the MRT so you can burn more calories walking to and from it. As expected, there were hordes of people.

The choice of food was outstanding and diverse.

How about a giant sausage for starters?


There’s plenty of seafood. Fried, off course.


Yummy oyster cake. It’s everywhere!


Squid in a thick broth.


These crisp puffs come in a variety of flavors: sesame, taro, peanut,  chicken, etc. They’re mashed and wrapped in a lumpia wrapper and cost $35 or 3 for $100.


There’s we even a teppanyaki counter.


I had a Beef Noodle Soup ($90) and a tempura (fried fish cakes, $50) and a puff. Unfortunately, it stuffed me up so there was no more room to try other stuff such as these delicious looking filled buns.


An interesting item I saw was a thick slice of bread that was deep fried and its top cut open and the bread stuffed with a variety of savory fillings.

The best thing about Shilin is having tables and chairs. However, you can’t just grab a seat as these are managed by stalls. You order at a stall and take a seat in their assigned tables.


The place is also air-conditioned which is good and bad. Good coz it’s cool. Bad because by the time you’re done with having a bit of all the stalls offerings, you smell like stinky tofu.

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