Taipei from the Back of an Elephant

Nope. I didn’t go elephant-riding in Taipei. I did something better. Hike, or rather, took the gazillion steps up Xanshang or Elephant mountain. The apartment I’m staying at is just a few meters from the start of the trail so I headed out mid-afternoon.

Many people were heading-up including  lots of old men and women. There were rest points so you can catch your breath as the stone steps seemed to go on forever.  The trail was cool and shady though and it felt like being in another world as the cityscape gradually fell below. It was difficult to imagine that just a few hundred meters from the start of the trail was a Metro station.


Up and up until you reach this stelea. Perhaps it says “What took you so long?”


Beyond it were three large rocks and a view of Taipei 101.


Just beyond the rocks were these signs. Just in case you need to get to the hospital, it turn left.


I continued on to the stone path then veered off to a side trail just let me feel I’m in a forest.


The trail led back to the stone path and up some stairs and this playground course just in case you’re feeling a little more energetic than usual.


I took a short break then went on my way further up to a large look-out point with beautiful views of the city.


The air was cool and the greenery was relaxing.  A few other people were there but it was quiet. Either they were tired or the view had made them speechless.

I stayed a bit just to breathe in everything. I wish I had come earlier as there were other trails to explore.

As I made my way down, more people were coming-up perhaps for the sunrise as it was almost 5.

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