Ancient Cities

Took a motorbike with a driver/guide to see the temples of the ancient cities of Inwa, Sagaing, and Amarapura.

Inwa was first as it was the farthest. Rather than taking the horse-cart and  jostle with the rest of the tourists, I took the motorbike with me.  Got to see more sights with zero othet people around and went at my own pace.

My favorite spot was the last one as the small brick stuppa had beautiful views over the rice fields where temples look like mushrooms sprouting from the lush greens.



Other sights included a leaning watchtower which is the only remnant left of a royal palace.

Most beautiful was Bagaya Monastery which was made entirely of teak. I loved the feel of the creaking wooden boards underneath my feet. So warm and soft. The earthly aroma of the wood lent such a romantic atmosphere  to the shadows  cast by the light coming in from the open windows.

At one corner, there was a small class for novices, young boys, going on.

At Sagaing, I went up the hill to a large stuppa. With more than 600 temples and monasteries you could spend days here walking  the shaded paths which connect them.

Last stop was Amarapura for the sunset viewimg from U Pien Bridge. I didn’t cross the entire bridge but went down to the dry river bed where small huts and chairs had been set-up.

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