Like a Bridge Over Missing Water

I arrived in Amarapura late in the afternoon from Sagaing so I headed straight for the U Pein Bridge along with several hundred others. My motorbike driver/guide told me the sunset will be over by 5:30  and we should leave immediately so we don’t get caught in the dark on our way back to Mandalay. “Many motorbikes no light. Dangerous,” he tells me.

The bridge can get quite crowded in some sections with locals using it to cross from one side  to the other and tourists taking shots.


There are vendors selling snacks.


Should have tried the deep-fried crabs and fish cakes which the locals seemed to enjoy munching on.


I escaped the crowds and took the stairs that led to the dry river bed. Took one of the plastic chairs, ordered a glass of lime juice (1k), and listened to a guy singing with his guitar. Actually, he seemed to be on a date with the other local he was with.


The bridge  really looks so nice from below.



You can also choose to face some water and ducks.


So the sunset came ready  for a crowd of tourists on boats. . .


. . . On land . . .


. . . And for me.


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