Its my last day here as I head to Inle Lake tomorrow morning. Woke-up in the wee hours with a couple complaining with a European accent to someone about their reservation at the Golden Lily. Apparently, there was no room available.  They said they’d  complain to the authorities. Good luck, I told myself. Things quieted down as they must have left.  I awoke again to another couple complaining about the same thing. Like the earlier couple,  they had asked their hotel to call Golden Lily and reserve. Apparently, it went nowhere. Maybe, just like Laos, phone reservations  don’t work? Considering how Golden Lily seems to be so preoccupied  making sure everyone pays and pays, I wouldn’t be surprised.

This morning,  there didnt seem to be too many people. Perhaps many left early. Was wondering how there could be no rooms available.

My legs still hurt from yesterday’s  trek so I stayed put in the town. I’ve decided to cut stay here short and spend more time in Inle where I sm told has many things to do. After yesterday’s so-so trek, I wanna just head to Inle. I love taking boat rides so I will surely enjoy there.

Kalaw has a very relaxed vibe and with so many good and cheap places to eat, I don’t mind just passing the rest of the day here. A former British colonial hill station, it has none of the colonial feel, though. Taking a walk reveals intetesting architecture, nevertheless .



This building must have been quite a looker.


More nice architecture.



A monastery.

The glittery dome of the Aung Chan Thar Zedi rises amidst the stalls of the central market.

These kids have just come from the Hsu Taung Pye Paya

And my favorite restaurant.

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