Kalaw Essentials

Kalaw is a relaxing town where you can just sit back, and if you’re guesthouse has a balcony, enjoy the sun and the view.  As I found out during my stay here,  it’s an easy place to go to,  stay,  and get out of.

From Mandalay: the bus crowd us of at the small bus stop near Winner Hotel at 12:35 am. I suggest you book a room in advanced at the Pineland Inn which is just a few steps from the stop. It ain’t fun walking in the dark in the freezing cold while driving dogs howl. There were 2 moto drivers there who offered to bring us.

To Inle: Tuanggi-bound buses congregate behind the Aung Chan Thar Zedi as early as 6:30 am. I went to check out out around 7:15 and there were still seats available.

To Mandalay: Book a ticket at the bus stop accross the central market.

Behold, the glorious atms of the KZB and CM banks. KZB also has currency exchange. You can choose to pay in either kat or USD. 1000 kat = 1 USD is the conversion used in shops or hotels.

Sundry Stuff
So you forgot your jacket. Second hand ones are available at the market. The southeast asian backpacker official wear, fisherman pants,  are also available.  Many shops sell everyday stuff such as soap, toothbrush, etc. The central market is where the locals go and just like you they need everyday stuff so you can get anything  there.  A few shops sell SIM cards, phones, sd cards, earphones, and usbs.

Cheap and plentiful.  I went to restaurants serving Myanmar food which means you get so much food (rice, side dishes, dessert, tea) for 3,000-4,000k. My favorite is Everest for its really excellent food and service.

Many stalls sell Indian fried snacks and breads.

Everest had pretty good reliable wifi.

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