One More Boat Ride

So I got another boat this time to bring me to Ywama, In Phau Kone, Nampan, and Maing Thauk. I know, I should have planned my boat trips better  as I could have fit those places in my previous boat trips. 

Maybe because I arrived in Ywama at 9:30 already that’s why there were hardly any boats in the much derided floating market. The 5-day market was in town and I bought some Shan cotton shirts I’ve been wanting to buy but could not as the other markets didn’t  have good selections.  The ones sold here were really very nice and I got  them at only 9,500 each.

There’s this really nice teak house across the pagoda. It looks neglected, though.



Visited a weaving workshop  at In Phao Kone.



Then off to Nampan to visit the pagoda. Nothing really special  here except for the fact  that I was the only tourist there.



Last stop was Mauing Thauk.



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