Goodbye, Myanmar

Took the Air Asia free shuttle and now at the airport. There are two exchange counters at the departure lobby and exchanged all of my kyat at one of them. They only had one 100 bill and the rest was in 20s. Good, crisp, clean bills just the way Myanmar banks want them. Check-in to immigrations to final security check is smooth and easy.

Yesterday was Myanmar Independence Day. It would have not unnoticed if not for the motorbike driver I hired who explained to me why Zencho was closed. Spent yesterday buying some music instruments at the Mahamuni Paya where the flutes are selling at a fourth of what I got them at Inle. It was a lucky day as I again chanced on the shinpyu which is the ordination of young boys to being novice monks. For the girls, it’s the time for their ear piercing.


On the way to Yankin Hill, we stopped to see an “elephant” show. Really just two men in an elephant suit. Apparantly, the troupe tours around villages for donations. Fun to watch.

Up Yankin Hill to temple where you go down steep steps to a rocky  niche where locals pour water  on three golden fish statues for good luck.

My driver also  brought me to a temple with  lots and lots of macaques. No other tourists there, just locals.


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