A Malay Wedding

That awful nagging feeling you get when losing something to someone was dissipated somewhat with . . . What else…. FOOD. Zakwan whom I met through Couchsurfing was invited by his professional  photographer  friend, Abbie, to a Malay wedding she was covering. I was hesitant a bit as I had seen those weddings before and the guests were always in traditional formal wear. Nothing to be shy with, Zakwan assured me. We would say we were with the photographer. It was close to 1pm and I was really hungry. Besides, the offer of a free lunch was too much to resist So off we went headed Kampung Balukan in Pasir Mas.

Malay weddings celebrate with two parties for the bride and one for the groom.  The one we were going to was for the groom. Abbie met us at the gate of the house and introduced us to the couple and to the parents.


We were received very very warmly especially  having been introduced as someone from the Philippines doing research on Malay traditional music. We even had pictures taken with the couple at the palanquin.

Large round tables had been set underneath tents at the grounds of the groom’s house. There weren’t too many guests as we arrived at the tail end of the reception.


However, there was still so much food as guests were expected to come and go throughout  the day. There were separate stations for the noodles, desserts, and hot dishes.



I thoroughly enjoyed the food and if it weren’t  for my shyness would have returned three or even four times.

For starters, I had a laksa kelantan which was unlike any laksa I had as it was not tomato based.


There were lots of ulam but I really liked the tasty beef rendang . 


Kelantane cuisine is not as hot as other Malay cuisines plus it leans towards sweetness.


For dessert there were a variety of kuih and ice-cream.

The people were really friendly and in spite  of not knowing anyone there and being dressed so shabbily compared to everyone else, I didn’t feel unconfortable.

Here’s our wedding selfie.


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