La la La Paz

After my depressing breakfast of fried bread at the Ministop in Robinson’s Place, I decided to head to the La Paz public market. There was enough time before checking-out and meeting Taton and head to Calinog. Google Maps showed the jeeps along Ledesma to be headed to La Paz so I flagged en empty one and asked the driver. About 15 mimutes later, I got off at the market.

A Coffee Shop in the Market?
Madge Coffee is an institution in Iloilo and it’s inside the market. No worries as the wet area is far from it so you don’t smell anything nasty. It was quite bustling with locals getting their morning fix of coffee,  bread,  and some breakfast eats. I just had a cup of regular strength coffee with milk (choose between strong, regular, and mild). The coffee had a smoky earthy taste that only comes from being brewed with a sieve, much like the Malays do it minus the “pulling.” No condensed milk, though. Just granulated sugar. Still tastes good  and at Php 25, cheap.


Next was batchoy at Deco’s airconditioned eatery outside the market. I couldn’t find Netong’s inside and I was too squeamish to explore further in the bowels of the market lest I end-up at the slaughter section and faint at the sight and smell of bloodied carcasses. So I chose to be safe.  Php 90 for a bowl of “extra.”



Last stop was some bread and yummy ube brazos de mercedes at La Paz Bakery just next door.  The brazos (Php 28 per slice) was delicious and had real ube halaya. I wish I could bring home a roll back to Manila.



Took the La Paz-Iloilo jeeps at the market to get back at One Lourdes Dormitel. Busog!

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