Molo: Reliving My Childhood Treats

Molo reminds me so much of my childhood of delicious eats because of two treats— pansit molo and Panaderia de Molo. Our household is Ilokano but somehow these two Ilonggo items became staples on our table. The pansit molo came courtesy of our cook who would make it with extra molo skins as she knew how much I loved those. Scooping them-up and letting them melt in my mouth. Panaderia de Molo’s iconic cans were received excitedly as rummaging inside for the banadas was akin to a treasure hunt.

On this trip to Iloilo, it was time for some authenticity—being able to savor these treats right in their hometown.

Tita Paz Pansit Molo

Nope, I didn’t get to eat Molo’s pansit molo. After enduring the heat and the  traffic at Avanceña St from Molo Church, the jeepney driver let me off at Molo Country Bakeshop only to find it closed!  Frustrated, I went to Ramboy’s Lechonan instead for lunch. The lechon was how it should be–crispy crackling skin and tasty succulent meat. The slab laid before me was good enough for 3 people so I just ate the part with the skin and took home the rest.


Panaderia de Molo
The shop is just a block away from Molo Cathedral. Boxes have replaced their iconic round cans but the biscuits they’re famous for are still there. I would have wanted to buy some frozen molo but my hotel doesn’t have a fridge.



I’m not sure if this is unique to Molo but at the Plaza,  I saw stalls selling bibingka (Php 20 for 6 pcs) baked at a wood fired aluminum oven. It was sweet and chewy and tasted like Ilokano tupig.




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