An Empty Street, A Tranquil Garden, and a Broken Sole

I like heritage streets. They evoke a romantic bygone past. Taipe’s Bopilao Ancient Street is a Qing Dynasty merchant street that has been restored. Unfortunately, since my last visit,   nothing has changed.  It is empty of life.


The only thing going on is a tv shoot.


I move on and take the MRT to Fuxhan station. Signs lead me to the Lin Family Mansion and Garden which is about 15 minutes by foot. Unfortunately,  the mansion referred to as the Three-cornered House has been closed for repairs since September. The gardens, however,  are open.


For a  historical site that does not charge admission,  the place is very well-kept.


It’s a tranquil place in a quiet neighborhood. It reminds me of the gardens in Suzhou, China but on a much smaller scale.


These wooden chairs invite me to sit in one of the pavilions.


And this is where I discover that the sole of my right Aigle trekking shoes is about to give way. I find  a rubber band on the floor and put it over my shoe. So much for peace and tranquility.  I’m suddenly bothered.

I head back to the MRT and pass by a Family Mart to buy some tape and use it to keep the sole on. It will have to do until I get back to the hostel.

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