In Taipei, You Never Sit Down For a Meal

Yes, you can head to Michelin-starred Din Tai Fung for a proper meal in air-conditioned comfort but that ain’t fun. The best eats are on the streets and you don’t have to go to a night market for that.

Wherever you’re staying, there’s bound to be a stall or a rice and noodle shop somewhere. My hostel was at Ximen, walking distance to the pedestrian street where vendors converge all day. Easy to get breakfast, especially.

Most stalls don’t have English menus. Just simply point at the pictures or see what’s cooking.


Often, you will be asked, “Spicy?” Say “Yes!” so you can get the full flavourd of what you’re eating even if it’s just a large fried chicken filet.

Follow the lines. This fried chicken stall is at the street corner of Shilin and locals line-up for its crisp meat and savoury taste ($70).


Hot Star, the most popular fried chicken franchise has its own lines too.


Be adventurous.
Wansuy on ice-cream seems strange but it’s delicious!


Fried milk?

How about stinky tofu?

One cannot get enough of those delicious Taiwanese sausages. I bought 3 packs at Carrefour in Ximen to take back home.



Or siolong bao.


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