Aung and His Postcards


This kid named Aung offered these postcards to me at one of the temple sites. First, he asked  if I had any Philippine money with me. Hearing I had none, he offered me his postcards. They were hand drawn and colored. This time I took a look. I asked if he had made them.  Yes, came the reply.  He offered to show me how he drew it. He took one of the cards, flipped it over and started tracing the picture of the elephant. Cute.


At 1, 000 kyat (70 cents) for a set of 3, it was a cheap price to pay for cuteness.
It’s easy to dismiss kids like Aung in temples especially if you’ve gone to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap which has gotta have the most persistent kids ever. But this is Myanmar where things are still a bit gentle. Did Aung really make those cards or was it all just for show? Maybe it’s some sort of a quick way to make a buck by  tugging at tourists’ hearts. I don’t know.  But on the oft-chance that he did make those drawings,  1, 000 kyat is a small price to pay.

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