Barefoot Bagan: Surviving on Your Feet at the Temples

Heading to Bagan? Forget about getting a pedicure or a foot scrub. Do that later, after the trip,  when you’ve come back. You will be walking on barefeet in Bagan. No socks allowed. Sounds simple eh. Nope. Unfortunately,  barefoot walking begins as soon as you get off your car, horse cart, bike, or e-bike.


That means quite a few meters before you actually set foot on the temple itself.


Some temples have even footpaths.


And because you want to take pictures of architectural details of the temple exteriors, you will be walking on the temple grounds. That could mean cement, brick, or tiles.


Once inside, it doesn’t necessarily get better. The floor on the interiors may just be as rough as the one outside.  The only difference is that it will be cool to the feet.


Some are mercifully smooth cement.


Survival Tips
1. Wear slippers or sandals. Easier to take on and off. I had on a pair of rubber sandals. Easy to wash at the end of the day.

2. If you want to keep your shoe  soles clean, buy a cheap sole insert. It gets tiresome to be wiping your feet raj time you’re at a temple. With a sole insert you can just take it out the end of the day and wipe it.

3. Remember where you entered.  Some temples have more than one entrance. Make sure you remember which because that’s where your shoes will be.

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