Horse Cart Day

My last day in Bagan before taking the night bus to Yangon. Decided to just stay at the guesthouse then take a horse cart after lunch.

I was quoted 25, 000k by a driver whose cart was parked outside. Got one at 18, 000 through the guesthouse.

My driver arrived early and turned-out to be a young guy in his twenties. I let him dictate where to take me. I have seen most of the important sites so I couldn’t care less where we go. Besides, with just 4 hours,  we couldn’t go really far. We went to Shwegizon, Hti Min Lo, Ananda Paya plus a pagoda I didn’t get the name and where I have not been before.  It was a small square one with cramped steep steps up a terrace.


I won’t go into the other temples as I’ve talked about that in another post. We did go to this handicraft shop which had nice antiques. I gave in to his request coz I knew he’ll get something out of it.  Besides,  I just wanted to go with the flow. The shop had really nice antiques for sale, though I including some music instruments.

We finished the temple jaunt at the Ananda Paya then headed back to the guesthouse. Contrary to some blog posts about how uncomfortable the horse cart ride would be, I actually found it enjoyable and relaxing. The slow pace allowed me to see more of the scenery.

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