Beautiful Shwedagon Paya

The Shwedagon Paya is most iconic of Yangon. If you’ve seen the film,  “The Lady,” it is the site of Aung San Suu Kyi’s massive rally in 1998. Of course,  that was just a replica as the military junta would go cold first before they would let anyone film there.

I arrived there this afternoon around 5 pm to catch the sunset. There were many many people. When the sun did set and the pagoda was lighted all up, it was breathtakingly beautiful.

Before sunset




After sunset




Walking along the Swedagon paya you are treated to sights of people praying praying.


There are many shrines and quiet corners for solitary respects to the Buddha.

Saw this group of women quietly seated in front of King Tharabar’s huge bell.

Of course, one needs a little break from all that praying.

1. Taxi from downtown is 2, 000 k.
2. There are many entrances. One entrance is directly across People’s Park. At each entrance is a counter where you can leave your shoes for a donation of 1, 000 k. Take note, though, as is the case of Myanmar’s temples, you already need to take-off your shoes at the bottom of the steps. Bring them with you to the second level where the shoe counter is. You can also bring a plastic bag for your shoes and bring it with you inside.
3. Foreigners fee is 3, 000 k and includes a free map.
4. There are ATMs at the entrances should you run out of cash shopping for souvenirs at the stalls lining the steps.
5. Best time to go is either early morning or at sundown. Should you go at the latter, stay until the evening (it closes at 10pm) so you can see it all lighted-up.

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