My Last Day in Myanmar and I Have the Runs

Such a bummer. Woke up this morning with the runs. Who could the culprit be?

Suspect #1
The tapioca-coconut dessert I had at the Bogyoke Aung Suun Market. See the one on the center.


Suspect #2
The fried rice and the crispy pork at one of the night stalls near 19th street.



Suspect #3
Sorry, I didn’t take a pic. My breakfast of fried rice and beef ribs curry at a street stall.

This was just the third time I had traveler’s diarrhea.  The first was from a stir-fried squid dish at a street stall in Georgetown,  Penang and the second was from a beef dish in Banlung, Cambodia.

Such a bummer.  It  means skipping the circular train ride. I did manage to take a walk around Kauwangyi Lake before heading back to the guesthouse to use the bathroom. It did seem like it was under control already thanks to the loperamide I took.

So I went to have lunch at Feel Myanmar. I had barely finished my dessert of red velvet cake when the toilet started to beckon. Thankfully,  there was a Western-style toilet. Perhaps it was all that food that made my tummy go ballistic again.  But I was not to be deterred. I headed to Monument Books and found a nice book on Myanmar culture with several sections on music for just 2, 500 k. Another toilet break. Someone was taking ages in the male toilet (passing-out books perhaps) so I used the female one. Fortunately, aside from the staff who were all lounging downstairs the only other customer was a kid buying a toy on his own (a car was waiting for him) and me.

Next stop was Nanyamadaw shop. They didn’t have the books I wanted but they did have a clean toilet.  I headed back to the guesthouse after to sit this thing out.

Managed to get immodium tablets at a Chinese-run pharmacy. I simply pointed to my tummy and made sprinkling motions with my hands. At another store, pointing patting my tummy resulted in flatulence tablets being handed to me. I read every tablet pack there and there was no anti-diahrrea.

I’m better now. Just had a piece of bread for dinner and a pot of green tea.

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