Banaue Day 3 and an Instant Recognition Day

Day 3 here in Banaue and its getting colder and colder. It rained last night and this morning, I woke-up to this sight from our bedroom balcony.


It’s also day 3 of having buffet breakfasts and dinners at the Banaue Hotel.  At least, the selections change everyday.


This morning, Lilymae and I swore we’d have a la carte for dinner but when the documentation team arrived late this afternoon from Manila, we couldn’t resist joining them at the buffet. I feel like a pig being fattened for a festival.

Lilymae and I headed to the baranggay hall  after breakfast to speak to the kapitan about documenting the fiesta. When we arrived, it was recognition rites for the daycare kids and we were invited to come-in. The last-time I stumbled into grad rites was 20 years ago in Panay. After hiking for about 5 hours, we arrived at the community and were promptly asked to join the  graduation march reserved for parents and esteemed guests.  Anyway, the recognition rites was short and sweet and the graduates were cute in their white robes and cardboard togas.


After the rites, we were invited to a lunch of rice and pork stew.  We were still quite full from the breakfast but we couldn’t decline.  It was yummy, by the way.  We did get to speak with the kapitan and also managed to arrange a performance by a group of kids for documentation purposes.

We spent the afternoon buying some stuff to take home. Got a nice blanket for 2k which was selling 3.5k at the shops at the hotel.

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