Nihao ma, Taiwan

I woke-up to the buzzing sound of passengers.  The terminal is coming-back to life.  I’m back in one of my favorite cities, Taipei. It’s my first international trip for this year having cancelled my Hanoi trip at Lent (refunded a portion of my ticket, though). I also recently renewed my passport so it’s spanking brand new and begging to be stamped. Incidentally, it was fortunate I had the hindsight to bring my recently-expired passport with me. You see, I entered Taiwan using my US Visa which is in an older passport that expired 2012. At both Philippine and Taipei immigrations, I was asked for my recently-expired passport. I guess, anyone with a 5 year gap between passports would be questionable. I didn’t encounter this in earlier trips when I was using my recently-expired passport as it was congruent with the older one that contained my US Visa.

Anyway, had a pleasant flight on board Cebu Pacific with the staff suited in their new yellow and blue uniforms. I had the emergency row all to myself so I was umber comfortable.

Landed at Taipei past midnight.


As usual, headed to my secret spot to sleep at the airport.


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